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We in the Student Organization at the University of Stavanger (StOr) work for all students at UiS. As a student at UiS, you are automatically a member. We work to take care of the student's academic, democratic and social needs and rights by speaking out on behalf of the students and facilitating student participation in all arenas at UiS. It is the students who, through the student election, decide what we will work with on behalf of the students at UiS. Our two main tasks are the shop steward system and the engagement environment. The shop steward is the system that organizes the students' participation in UiS. Trade union representatives can be found at all levels at UiS. Our second main task is the engaged environment where we collaborate, coordinate and assist line associations and student organizations with issues concerning students' social and learning environment-related needs. 


Nominate for the Enthusiasm Award

Every year, the Student Priest, UiS, StOr and SiS award a prize to a student, student organization or line association that in a special way has contributed to the social, vibrant student environment in

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ECIU - Innovative learning

Did you know that as a student at the University of Stavanger, you have the opportunity to solve real challenges in interdisciplinary international teams? Are you a master's student or are you on your last

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Record support for the second year in a row

After two hectic weeks of student elections at the University of Stavanger, a very satisfied deputy head of the learning environment, Eira Aas Eide, was able to present the highest turnout ever in the Student Elections at UiS. The new

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