Run for election!

Do you have good ideas and opinions on how the University of Stavanger can be as good as possible for the students? Then the Student Parliament needs YOU!
What is the student parliament you might be thinking?

Yes, it is the highest body in the student democracy at UiS. As of today, the parliament consists of 19 candidates distributed among four different lists; TekNat list, ISU list, Venstrealliansen and Kontrær list. As representatives of a list in the Student Parliament, you can set the agenda for which issues are most important to the students and thus which issues the StOr working committee should work on. The lists themselves decide which issues they want to vote on. You can find some cases that have been adopted by the student parliament in the past here.

If you do not think that any of the existing lists are suitable for you, you and at least four others can join together and start a new list. The deadline for entering a new list is 26 September. To do this, you must submit the following:

• Name on list
• Priority order of the candidates
• A list program
• contact information, student number and proof of paid semester fee for those applying.

Take the chance and participate in student democracy - make your student life and that of others as good as possible!

Make a list - make a list - make a choice! Pros:

• Your voice is heard!
• You can help take the University to new heights!
• You get to know other committed students!

If you want to put on a list, create your own or you just have some questions, don't hesitate to contact us.