Concert? Theatre? Quiz? Beer, wine, coffee? At Folken you may be waiting for your life's concert experience, a hilarious party in the caves, a quiet party chess over a pils or just a cup of coffee in Café Aquarium. The aquarium was newly refurbished in February 2019 and has got a wonderfully beautiful room, stop by! They are open every day from 18.00pm.

The people are the students' cultural center in the center, where Ny Olavskleiv meets Løkkeveien. Here, students meet, regardless of educational institution. In addition to being the students' meeting point in the center, Folken is also an important cultural arena for the entire region, where music in all genres is presented throughout the year.

We are open Monday through Saturday throughout the academic year, and there is never a long time between the concerts. There are three rooms at Folken: Café Aquarium, Caves and Great Hall. As a student organization and line association, you have free rental of premises at Folken and we help with the arrangement of events.


There are volunteers who receive your ticket and stamp you in the door. There are volunteers standing in the bar in the hall when the music is playing. There are volunteers who help with the event technique - sound and light - and who take care of the artists when they visit. And the photo team documents what's happening at the city's best cultural center!

Read more about volunteers here: Become a volunteer!


Website Link: Peoples
Tel: 51 56 44 44