University Chaplain

                                                   Sigbjørn Rydland Jårvik
                                           Facebook: Student priest in Stavanger  

Student pastor Sigbjørn Jårvik is available to everyone
students regardless of your outlook on life or religious affiliation as a student.

The student pastor is employed by the Norwegian Church, and collaborates
with UIS, BI, VID, the Art School in Rogaland and SIS.

 Anyone to talk to?
Student life can be nice and sometimes demanding. It may deal with difficult choices, questions about beliefs and beliefs, love, grief or my

When we share and give language to our experiences, it happens
often something with us. A relief, a clarification, less chaos or we feel
stronger. This is how we grow as human beings. It is a work we can rarely do alone. Send e-mail to arrange a call time or drop by
Students' House and check if the office door is open.

The student priest has a duty of secrecy!

 Sigbjørn lives on the 2nd floor of Studentenes Hus
Ullandhaug and can be met weekdays at 09:00 - 15:00. He goes to BI or VID by appointment.