StOr's committees

Control and Quality committee 

The Control and Quality Committee (KK) is elected by the Student Parliament at the last parliamentary meeting in the autumn semester and the first parliamentary meeting in the spring semester. The committee consists of two equal members. 

The control and quality committee must participate in meetings of the Student Parliament and the work committee's adjournment meetings. The committee must ensure that parliamentary meetings are carried out in line with the governing documents, and therefore acts as a watchdog. Furthermore, the committee must also ensure that StOr's policy is carried out in line with decisions and action plans. KK can put forward proposals for changes to StOr's organizational documents when revised in the Student Parliament, and has an important role in the organizational development of StOr. 

The control and quality committee members also receive an annual compensation amount. 

The Election Committee 

StOr's election committee consists of three members, and is elected at the first parliamentary meeting each autumn semester. One of the three representatives on the committee must be a representative from the Student Parliament. 

The selection committee's main task is to interview current candidates and nominate the candidates who are best suited for the position at the semester's last parliamentary meeting, also called the "election meeting". Furthermore, the election committee must also make an effort before the last parliamentary meeting in the autumn semester. 

The election committee must nominate candidates for: 

  • Working committee in StOr 
  • Control and Quality committee 
  • The sponsor committee in Fadder 

StOr is always looking for good representatives for both the Control and Quality Committee and the Selection Committee. Interested students are encouraged to contact the work committee in StOr!