Documents associated with StOr

The student organization has a number of documents that lay down guidelines for how it should be run. The governing documents are often changed to express the purpose of the organisation, as well as the development among the student body and society in general.

Image of StOr's documents

Organizational documents
The organizational management documents regulate the purpose of the organisation, how the organization should be operated - and not operated - as well as how to manage the organisation's financial resources.

Political documents
The political management documents describe which policy is to be pursued on behalf of the students. These are based on policies adopted by the representatives in the Student Parliament, which lays down guidelines for what the working committee must work with and what StOr must think in political matters that affect the students.

Priority system
The governing documents have a priority system, which means that one document is more important than another. If the documents are different in a political matter, the wording of the highest ranked document must be followed. StOr's two top documents are the organisation's statutes (organisational) and program of principles (political).