What is ECIU?

The European Consortium Of innovative Universities, also known as ECIU, is a collaborative program between several large universities in Europe. Where the goal is to create a better world together, based on several people's unique knowledge in technology, research and innovation. UiS is part of this programme. Which means that you, as a student at UiS, can participate in the various challenges that are announced. These various challenges can be anything from a two-day workshop to a project that runs over a longer period of time.

Why take part

These various challenges through ECIU are projects that will end in a change. So if you want to help make a difference in the world, ECIU is a good place to start. You also gain valuable experience, as well as a certificate and in study credits depending on the workload in the various challenges.

If you take part in the challenges, you can get the opportunity to work together with students and actors from all over Europe, and make important connections. You can also get the opportunity to travel to other ECIU universities to take part in challenges.

Read more about ECIU here , and check out which one challenges which is available right now.