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Representatives - three women and one man

Student participation

Yhe act related to Universities and University Colleges in Norway states that students must have 20% representation in all boards and committees at the University. This gives students a fantastic opportunity to influence their own study program and help form their everyday studies at UiS.

Link between UiS and the students

In order for the students at UiS to be able to help shape their everyday study, a communication link is needed between the students and UiS. Student representatives function as this communication link as they promote the various issues and opinions of the student masses. 

Student representatives are needed at all levels at the University of Stavanger.

In addition to this, there is the Student Organization at the University of Stavanger (StOr). StOrs purpose is to organize the student democracy, and promote students' academic and social rights. We assist students in all kinds of cases. StOr is also a member of the Norwegian Student Organization, who promotes students' rights and issues at a national level.

The student union representatives at UiS also have their own Facebook page. The site is a virtual meeting place for exchange of experience and contact between student union representatives, and it is an arena for follow-up and information flow for StOr. If you are a student union representative, but not a member of the group, you can find it by clicking the button opposite! 

Contact persons for shop stewards

The Faculty of Engineering and Science
John Petter Nygaard

The Faculty of Social Sciences
Anne Torunn Sirevåg

The Faculty of Health Sciences
Rebecca Adele Esaiassen  

Faculty of Performing Arts
Aslaug Margareth Vasshus

Business School at UiS
Monica Long 

Faculty of Education and Humanities
Fredrik Norman Skår

The Faculty of Science and Technology
John Petter Nygaard
The Faculty of Social Sciences
Lone Litlehamar
The Faculty of Health Sciences
Stine Sørflaten
Faculty of Performing Arts
Stig Åge Solemsli
Business School at UiS
Egil Kristensen
Faculty of Educational Sciences and Humanities
Fredrik Norman Skår
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I would recommend putting all contacts in a list, instead of in a slide. This will make it easier for people to find the information they need.

Certificate for student representatives

Everyone who has been a student representative at UiS can order a certificate. Press the button below to access the form for ordering a certificate.