Student life

Student everyday

Many can probably recognize themselves in the fact that as a new student there are new people to get used to and get to know. Some move into dormitories, while others move into public transport, either with friends or with completely random students who are in the same situation. Studies are important, but there is much more to everyday study than just sitting in the reading room, in the library or attending lectures. We have gathered various information that is useful to you. Here you can find information about health services, the Student Association, the Welfare Parliament and student discounts, the Student Ombudsman and the Student Priest. If you need to give the university feedback, you will also find information and a link to the Si ifra system. Getting involved in a student organization or line association is something every student should do during their studies. It is an easy way to make acquaintances and build networks across studies. In addition to learning about specific tasks related to the running of an organization, you also learn a lot about yourself and working with others.

Organizational everyday life

At the heart of the student activity at UiS, we have the committed students who run line associations and student organizations. They work We have gathered information that is relevant to the organizational life at the university here. The vast majority of the student-driven activity at UiS is arranged by the students in these associations and organizations. Information about the social support fund, the Welfare Parliament and which other organizations exist at the university is just some of the information we gather in the menu above to make it a little easier for the organizations to find what they need. 

Is there something you can not find out or something else we can help you with? Do not hesitate to contact.