Commitment is important! Here is a picture of engaged students on a sunny day outside the Students' House.

Feel you that a student organization is missing at UiS? Or do you just want to start a new organization? If you or several people have a common interest in a cause, or want to gather a group with the same affiliation and commitment, you can start a student organization or line association. You will then be a start-up group that works together to get the line association / student organization up and running.

How do you proceed?

Start-up group

To be able to start an organization / association, there are some things that must be in place. The first thing to do is to form a startup group that can design these points. If some of those in the start-up group join the board, it is not so stupid. The start-up group shall:

  • Determine the name of the organization
  • Determine the purpose of the organization
  • Make the organization's articles of association (laws / guidelines)
  • Find members of the organization's board (must have at least 3)
  • Invite to foundation meeting

 Template for articles of association that can be used as inspiration: 

2. Founding meeting 
For a foundation meeting, it is important to have the following in place: 

  • Moderator 
  • Referent 
  • Protocol signatories 
  • Counting corps 

It is at this meeting that the name, purpose and articles of association of the organization are to be decided. It is advisable that those who have prepared the articles of association and determined the purpose agree on the content. It is also possible for those present to make suggestions for changes during the foundation meeting. It is those who present at the meeting who ultimately decide what the articles of association shall contain. In other words, it is those present who have the right to vote. 

3. The Brønnøysund Register
In order to create a bank account and be registered as an organization or association, you must register the organization / association in the Brønnøysund Register. When the registration is completed, you will receive an organization number and from there a bank account can be created in the association's name. It is required that the management documents of the organization are in order, this is something the deputy head of the learning environment can help you with.

4. Make a collaboration agreement with StOr
By signing a collaboration agreement with us, and thus being part of the StOr umbrella, your association / organization can promote itself at UiS and receive organizational assistance from StOr if necessary. You also get access to the engagement meetings, where all associations / organizations meet. The engagement meetings are there to create a meeting place for organizations and associations where they can learn from each other and get useful information. In addition, organizations and associations that are under the StOr umbrella can apply for office space at Studentenes Hus.


5. Profiling of student organization.
In order for other students to know about the organization, you should find good ways to profile the organization. Some suggestions for what you can do are: create a Facebook group, and / or an Instagram profile, hang up posters and stand on stand. There are many other ways to profile an organization, but those on the board should agree. The goal of the profiling will be to reach potential members and perhaps future board members. If you want help to promote the organization / association's start-up, just contact the deputy head of the learning environment by e-mail, or visit the office on the 2nd floor at Student House.

6. Start-up funds: The Welfare Assembly in Stavanger
To obtain financial resources, you can apply for start-up funds at the Welfare Parliament in Stavanger (VT). They receive applications for start-up funds throughout the year and the application is processed at the first meeting after it has been submitted. VT will then adopt a sum on the basis of the documents submitted, and according to what they believe is justifiable. 

Important info: StOr and the Welfare Council in Stavanger can help you with different things. We at StOr assist with the organizational, include the organization in the engagement forum, facilitates stand-up activities, training and what is stated in the collaboration agreement with StOr. The welfare council helps you with financial means, in the first place: start-up funds. Then it is possible to apply again next year and questions regarding the budget and guidelines for grants will be related to the Welfare Parliament.