Room for student organisations


Line associations and student organizations have the right to use part of the areas of UiS through the cooperation agreement with StOr. This applies to the stand areas at UiS, classrooms and meeting rooms, as well as some more special areas at UiS.

Meeting rooms and group rooms are booked at the timetable office. Send them an email by clicking on the link on the right. It is important to mention that you are a student organisation/line association, otherwise they can find a way to say no.  

In addition, student organizations and line associations can book Folken and Tappetårnet for free. Follow the links on the right to book these. 

All student organizations and line associations that have signed a collaboration agreement with StOr use the meeting room at Studentenes Hus. This is booked through the calendar function in your student email. If you can't do it, you can ask a friend or follow the instructions in this link.