Use of common areas and stand activities

Does your student organization, line association, company etc. want to stand or use the common areas at UiS? To be allowed to do this, you must apply for permission from StOr. For practical reasons, the use of common areas is called stand activities. 

Who can stand / use common areas
Basically, anyone who wants to stand can do this. It is the student parliament that determines the rules for stand activities / use of the common areas. The starting point is that student organizations and employees associated with UiS can use these for free. In addition, charities have free stands. Commercial actors can also arrange stands in collaboration with student organizations free of charge, to stimulate collaboration between the business community and the students. If you do not want to collaborate with student organizations, commercial actors must pay for a stand. More information about guidelines and prices can be found in StOr's guidelines for condition. 

Where can you arrange a stand?
The most popular places to have your stand are Arne Rettedal's House, Kjell Arholms Hus, and Kjølv Egeland's House. These are the most visited houses on campus. Click on the boxes below to see where it is allowed to place your stand in each house. The red lines in the pictures mark where it is allowed to place your stand in each house.

It is allowed to stand in other areas as well, both outside and inside, but then this is agreed separately. 

When is it allowed to arrange a stand?
Basically, you can stand on the stand around the clock, but the University has opening hours, which regulate the stand activities. If the stand activity requires employees at StOr or UiS to be present, stand applications can be submitted if this does not apply. Such things must therefore be agreed in good time. Get in touch if this is the case. With the exception of this, it is possible to book an area for business days so that you have the whole area to yourself. This requires that you are out well in advance, as there are quite a few stands on campus at any given time. To check if it is available where you want to stand, check the stand calendar below. 

AAll stand actors are obliged to agree before submitting the application:

StOr's guidelines Stand UiS 

Application for a stand permit can be found here: Stand Contract
The application must be completed and sent to the mail below. If you have any other inquiries or questions, please contact:

The operating unit at UiS 

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