The Student Democracy

At all universities and colleges, students must have a say. This is done, among other things, through student democracy. Student democracy is something all students can take part in by standing for election or voting in student elections. 

Everyone who is students at UiS can both stand for election as part of a list, and vote on lists in the student election. Through student choice 19 permanent representatives are elected to the Student Parliament. The choice is a list choice, where a list must have a minimum of 5 people. It's pretty easy to make a list and make choices. If you would like to stand for election, please contact us in the Working Committee in StOr.

The Student Parliament
The Student Parliament is the highest student democratic body at UiS. The Student Parliament consists of 19 representatives. The student parliament adopts the policy in the student parliament meetings, based on the programs of the lists that were elected through the student election. The Student Parliament also chooses who will make up Executive CommitteeThe sponsor committee, various committees associated with StOr, central councils and committees and various boards. The Student Parliament also speaks on behalf of the students at UiS on questions of principle, either through direct hearings or via the working committee. Examples of this are the campus plan, the new strategy for UiS and other strategic and principled decisions. 

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Executive Committee
The work committee consists of four students who get time off from studies for a year to work for the students. As mentioned, these are elected by the Student Parliament. The work committee has a leader, a deputy leader, an education officer and a welfare and learning environment officer. The role of the working committee is to represent the student parliament (the students) in all boards, councils and committees at UiS, in collaboration meetings with the Students' Association, the municipalities in the region and more. The work committee is the nominating and executive body of the Student Parliament. The work committee has offices on the 2nd floor of Studentenes hus. You can contact the work committee at