About us

Joakim 30

Joakim R. Ramsland
51 83 24 00

James 30 (2)

Vice manager
Jakob Meyer Vevatne
51 83 24 03

Maria 31

Education officer 
Maria S. Pedersen

Mathilde 30

Welfare and learning environment manager
Mathilde A. Severinsen 
51 83 21 06


Organizational advisor
Mikael Johnson
51 83 24 02

As a student at the University of Stavanger (UiS) you are automatically a member of the student organization StOr. We work to safeguard the student's academic, democratic and social needs and rights by addressing the student case and facilitating student participation in all arenas at UiS. StOr is facilitator for UiS students, through the election of elected representatives to the boards, councils and committees. StOr also works closely with the University Management and the University Board, the Student Union (SiS), the municipality, the county council, the Ministry of Education and Research and the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO).

StOr is also the umbrella organization for the University's student organizations and line associations. This means that StOr is responsible for facilitating an active student environment that will promote the students' welfare, social and cultural interests as well as academic needs. Today there are over 75 student organizations at UiS, and we encourage you to start more. Check out this page for more info. 

Executive Committee

The work committee in StOr consists of four remunerated full-time positions elected by the student parliament at UiS. We have a leader, a deputy leader, an education officer and a welfare and learning environmentresponsible. The student parliament elects a work committee at the last parliamentary meeting in the spring semester and at the same time decides what we will work on in the coming year through a work programme. We also have an organizational consultant who is a permanent employee and works with administrative tasks.