Each year, the StudentPriest, UiS, StOr and SiS gives an award to a student, student organization or line association that in a special way has contributed to the social, vibrant student environment in the student city of Stavanger

The first price was given in 2009, by the Student Priest, Stefan Emmerhoff, as a reaction to dissatisfaction and extensive negativity at the University. Emmerhoff wanted to draw attention to the University’s positive activities, where the students’ voluntary contribution to a more inclusive student environment created social interaction. The prize constitutes a cash prize of NOK 20,000 and a trophy shaped like a ring of iron. The Nomination Committee consists of the StudentPriest, The Deputy Chairman of StOr, and a representative from SiS and UiS.

The prizes are intended to highlight the general well-being factor in the Student City Stavanger and can be awarded to a student, a student organization or a line association that works for and among students on a voluntary basis. It is distributed to the student, organization or line association that has contributed in a special way to engagement, inclusive community, diversity, debate, well-being or enthusiasm.

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Previous winners of The Enthusiasm Award:

2017: Nidaà Raji

2016: The Fadder Festival

2015: Studentligaen

2014: ION Racing

2013: Start UiS

2012: Daniel Hernandez Iniesta.

2011: The board at Tappetårnet.

2010: Simon Førland and Bjørn Harald Lye.

2009: Økonomistudentenes Forening (ØSF). First winners!