ISU List

ISU List is focusing on solving the problems that international students face during the year and before they come to university. The problems we focus on in our list have been designed to facilitate the experience of all students as well as international students. In order to increase the learning experience and benefit more, we give priority to issues such as increasing the book options in the library, reintroducing the B1 and B2 levels of Norwegian courses, having English explanations in UIS social media, and publications. Apart from these, our other demands are increasing halal food options in the cafeteria, easier access to the computers and laboratories in the school, and creating an international student lounge to make the students socialize. Another aim is to inform international students about the campus, city, and facilities before the education process starts, and to help them integrate better into the system.

Key Issues 

– Justificaion for marking must follow the examination mark deductions. 
– Course evaluation at the end of the semester to take to ensure quality and look at improvment potential for the course, syllabys and teaching. 
– Lack of enough scientific books in the library. 

– Reasonable prices for Norwegian courses. 
– High price of Norwegian course books/ebooks. 
– Reintroduce b1/b2 language courses. 
– Lack of information in English for new students to access. 
– Lack of information in English on UiS social media. 

– Lack of open space for students to access computers on campus. 
– No Halal food option in cafetereia.
– There is no International Student Lounge for students to gather. 

Key policy 

– A statement must be included with the grade on the exam. 
– Course evaluations at the semester term to address, quality and improvements that can e made for courses, curriculum and teaching. 
– Provide more scientific books in the library. 

– Reasonable prices for Norwegian language courses. 
– Reintroduction of b1/b2 courses. 
– English sections for important course information eg, master thesis briefing, opening ceremonies, career day presentations, etc. 
– Online brocher should be created in English. It should provide the information to new international students about how Mazemap and Canvas works. It should provide how students without personal numbers can access medical needs. Proper guidelines on how to find jobs/internaships on Finn. 
– Providing social media posts with English translation.

– More computer stations for students should be provided especially in libraries. 
– Halal food option in cafeteria.
– International Student Lounge for students to gather.