On the picture above are representatives from each of the lists. From the left: Philip Jamissen, Rhys Ole Temple, Jakob Ryen and Lawrence Dean Mulbah

Not sure who to vote for? This is what the lists want you to know about them and why you should vote for their list. Happy voting!


Teknat-List tries to make the life of every student better, but our main goal is to solve problems for students at the Faculty of Science and Technology. We support some of the other list’s policies regarding mental health and campus development, but have set our focus on what can make it easier to use formula sheet on digital exams, and how students can graduate from University of Stavanger with practical experience gained from different companies in the Stavanger-area. We want to make it possible to have switch an optional subject of 10 credits for an internship in a relevant position.


The International Students’ Union wants to represent all students at UiS and their needs in student parliament. We are interested in improvements in student welfare and the study environment including more group study rooms and better access to them, better access to campus by bus and more affordable public transportation for students. Additionally, we are interested in initiatives to enable students to have a more social experience on campus as we believe it will improve the study environment and the health of students. In ensuring that all students are well represented, we want to be sure that the needs of international students, particularly in terms of integration, are not missed. ISU is well positioned to ensure this. In terms of integration, we would like to push to have more Norwegian language courses at an affordable price, currently only beginners courses are offered. By accomplishing this, we believe that the student experience will be improved for everyone. Furthermore, the list’s diverse backgrounds provide new perspective and insight that will help the parliament meet the needs of all students and improve student life.


One of the most important things we do as student politicians is to work with, promote and argue for the issues student bring to our attention. That is something we focus a lot on in EnvironmentaList. Since the previous Student electiona year ago, we have promoted 8 cases. One of which promotes student welfare and mental health. On Monday this week, we passed a resolution on mental health. Since the previous election, we have shown that we deserve the trust you gave us.
In addition, we were the first to put climate and environment on the agenda. We are seeing results of this already through the work on the environmental lighthouse certification of UiS and recycling at Campus.
In this Student election, semester priced coffee, more student assistants and mental health is what we consider most important.
We are running for election again this year because we are still willing to work hard on the policy for the students’ best interests. We do not come with promises we cannot keep, but considered cases where there is possibility of change. Vote for EnvironmentaList because we have shown to be trustworthy before and prepared to working hard for the student affairs the coming year!


Why vote Liberalmoderate List at the 2018 Student Election!
We are the Liberalmoderate List in the 2018 Student Election at the University of Stavanger. Our slogan for this election is «Together with the students». We have focused on the cases we belive is the most important for the students.
We want to give 50 millions to improved wellness and welfare. We want more buses both to and from campus Ullandhaug so that traveling will be easier for all students. We want to increase the numbers of psychologists available for the students. And we want to improve the student economy by making fruit free of charge and creating book packages available to all study programs.
We are the list for all students, and we want to fight for you, and be your voice in the student parliament. If you want to improve the everyday life for students at the University of Stavanger you should vote Liberalmoderate List!