Mohiuddin Ahmmed

Utdyp din motivasjon for å stille til vervet

I would like to develop my interpersonal skills and build a network of connections. I want to talk about students needs and support them on campus.

Skriv kort om dine relevante erfaringer

I was before student representative in my country. I also worked with several charity organisations.

Nevn tre hjertesaker

1. I would like to collaborate with students to coordinate events to enhance the student campus experience. 

2. I will let the students to contact me about issues they want to raise. 

3. I would like to suggest, develop and implement solutions related to creating a more vibrant campus life.

Hvilke utfordringer ser du for deg at du kommer til å møte på i dette vervet?

There are several challenges I might need to face: 

Communication barriers 

Institutional barriers 

Time constraints 

Balancing competing interests 

Emotional tolls 

Power dynamics

Hvorfor bør akkurat du bli valgt til dette vervet?

I would like to support the student group with their student rights and contribute to the development of courses and study program.