The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) of StOr consists of three paid full time commissions elected by the Student Parliament. One President and two Vice Presidents (one working with education and one with learning environment). The Student Parliament decides on a manifesto for every year on the same meeting where the EC is elected, the last Parliament meeting of the spring semester. The manifesto states what the EC of StOr will be working to achieve and who to work with.


I have the highest responsibility to ensure the safeguarding of student’s democratic, educational and social needs and rights at the University. If you experience any issues or challenges in your student life, contact me via e-mail, call me or visit me at my office at The Student’s House (SH-211). You can always visit me anyways for a chat!


Contact Information

Jørgen Sjøberg

928 19 942/ 51832400



Vice President of Learning Environment
Hi, I am Emma! I am responsible for the work that StOr does concerning the learning environment at UiS. I assist the organizations and clubs that are part of the »StOr-Umbrella», og I am the University’s point of contact towards them. If your study programs lacks an organization or club or you wish to create one, then you can visit me at my office at The Student’s House (SH-203).


Contact Information

Emma Øren

405 31 772 / 51832403



Vice President of Education
I have the responsibility for StOr’s work concerning education. That means that I work for a good and continuous quality of education and more practical and exchange opportunities for the students at UiS. This is done in cooperation with the representatives of the students in different boards, councils and other places. If you wish to influence your education, then contact me. My office door at the Student’s House (SH-214) is always open.


Contact Information

Sara Jalali

472 48 788 / 51832401



Organizational Consultant               
UiS has employed an organizational consultant that works for StOr..
The Organizational Consultant can aid student organizations and clubs under the »StOr-Umbrella» with council and guidance.
If you want permission to have a stand at Uis, you have to apply for this to StOr’s Organizational Consultant. Office at the Student’s House, 2.floor. (SH-201)



Contact Information:

Anette Faane Aasbø

Telefon: 51832402